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It Starts with a Stitch

Levi's Tailor Shop

It Starts with a Stitch


The ask was to educate people about the services of Levi’s Tailor Shop, the place where you can customize your Levi’s denim to express your story. 

It takes courage to show the world who you are so when buying an item of clothing from the Stitched Edition, the first design from Levi’s Tailor Shop is included; making the customer’s first step of showing who they are a little bit easier.




Stitched Edition.png

The red box is meant as a blank canvas, so you can fill it with your own designs. It encourages customers to create their own design, to show the world who they are and start their journey of expression.




Levi's store.jpg

Instore, there will be a designated part where the Stitched Edition is sold, explaining what the Tailor Shop does.




Web Levi's.png

Online, there is an icon showing which items of clothing are included in the Stitched Edition.





This is the three steps of the customers journey. Firstly, showing the empty red box, secondly seeing the tailor working on your design and lastly, your finished design.





Print ad, placed in travelling magazines because people who enjoy travelling also like collecting and sharing memories. This inspires travelers to add a design representing a special journey on their clothes.